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What's it called?
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Want to let your character use a Spanish endearment but nothing comes to mind? Want to swear in German but don't know how? Want to write a proper dialogue in French and are not sure how to phrase or spell it correctly? Want one of your characters to live in another country's society and have no idea how the residents live and interact with each other? Then this is your place!
About this Community

whatsitcalled is a community for the Harry Potter Fandom where people from different countries offer their help on all kinds of questions concerning their home country and native language. Don't be shy about asking for help, this is the place where you (hopefully) will get it.

What do you need to know? Here are the rules:

Community Rules

1. Please post only questions concerning stories from the HP fandom. Whether it's het, slash or gen doesn't matter, but this is a place for HP fanfiction only. If you have a general question on an Original or any other fandom, please go to multilingual.

2. Please don't post a complete story for translation. We want to help with dialogues, culture, names and the like. If you want to have someone helping you with your whole story because you think some questions won't do the trick, feel free to ask someone here if he/she's willing to help you along the way. NOTE: This is NOT a community to help you translate a whole story into another language, but you can ask if someone's willing to do it.

3. You can post any question about any language. Hopefully, there will be at least one member who can help you. If you have a question about a very rare language (for example Ethiopian) or a not so common known culture (like the Tibetan monks), please don't be offended if nobody answers your questions.

4. All languages are welcome. We understand that the main language is English and all questions posted here should be in English, so the higher part of the questions will be about other languages, but if you have a question about British culture so you can, for example, write about it in your French story, you can do that here, too.

5. Every rating and every pairing is allowed. Please lock posts where NC-17 material is included.

6. There's no age limit for members and watchers.

7. Please do not post any stories or artwork here. There are other communities for that. We are here for the sole purpose to offer you help to write a story, not for showing the world your skills. Also, please contact the maintainers first before you advertise for other communities, RPGs and so forth. We will decide from case to case.

8. Please use the Community's Tags when you post a question. If you don't know what we mean, please read this post.

9. The nettiquette applies, so please be nice when you ask a question, but be equally as nice in answering. There are no stupid questions, there are just stupid answers. Flames will be avenged.

Please follow the rules, they're important to maintain the peace within the community. Repeated abuse of the rules results in the exclusion from the community.

For any further questions concerning the community, feel free to contact us.


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